Privacy Policy

Based on the information security policy within our company, Aggregate Link Inc. (hereinafter “our company”) recognizes the importance of personal information and the social responsibility for its protection, and based on the following privacy policy, we will strive to handle  personal information appropriately.

1.        Specific Purpose of Use

Our company with a specific purpose of use,  defines the purpose of usage upon acquisition of personal information and
accomplishes the purpose within the specified period. Also, in the case of a change in the purpose of use, a considerable
relevance to the purpose of use is considered within a reasonably acceptable range before the change.

2.       Restriction of the Purpose of Use

Our company, with regards handling acquired personal information, is limited based on the purpose of its usage  and achieves the purpose of its usage within the period necessary. In the case of dealing with the personal information outside the defined scope of its use, a consent from the customer will be obtained in advance.  However, if it will be in accordance to the law, protection of life, body, property, etc., this limit will not apply.

3.        Proper Acquisition

Our company acquires personal information legally and in a fair way.

4.        Notification of the Purpose of Use for Acquisition, Etc.

Our company ,with regards the  notification of the purpose of use upon acquisition notify or publicize the purpose of use in advance when acquiring personal information. The same is also applied when retrieving personal information in writing. If the purpose has changed, the customer will also be publicized or notified.

5.  Ensuring the Accuracy of the Contents of the Data

Our company, while ensuring the accuracy of the contents of each data, exerts every effort to keep each personal data accurate and up to date within the necessary period to achieve the purpose of its use.

6.     Safety Management Measures

Our company, with regards safety management, takes the necessary safety measures to prevent leakage, loss, and damage of personal data.

7.        Supervision of the Employees

Our company, with regards the supervision of each employee, treats the personal data of each employee with the necessary appropriate supervision so that safety management can be achieved.

8.        Supervision of the Contractors

There will be cases where outsourcing will be applied in our company to achieve the purpose of usage of the acquired personal information.  In those cases,  personal information dealt properly would be recognized and selected. Matters necessary to protect personal information would be obliged by a contract to achieve proper supervision.

9.    Provision to Thrid Parties

Our company, in the case of provision of personal information to a third party other than our company will obtain the consent of the customer in advance. However,  there would be no applicable limits in cases based on laws and ordinances; protection of life and body; protection of property, etc.  Also, in the following cases, the person who receives the provision of the personal information shall not fall under the third party.
Within the period necessary to achieve the purpose of the usage of the personal information, there will be cases where the treatment of all or a part of the personal data will be entrusted.
In cases of merge or other reasons,  to achieve succession of business, there would be cases where the personal data woud be provided.
When the personal data will be jointly used, the items of the personal data which would be used, the scope, the purpose of use, and the name of the personal responsible for the personal data management would be notified to the person or the person concerned would be in a condition to easily recognize.

10.        Disclosure of Matters Concerning Personal Data

Our company, with regards publication of matters relating to personal data and with respect to retained personal data, specifies the service contract in the information below.

Name of the business handling personal information
Purpose of its usage
Disclosure, corrections, etc., the necessary procedures in the request for the suspension of usage  (Disclosure method in case of disclosure other than in writing)
Contact Information

11.   Disclosure of Personal Data

With regards to the disclosure of personal data, our company responds without delay in cases when the customer requests for the disclosure of our possessed personal data. However in the following cases, all or a part may not be disclosed. Moreover,
in the case of complying for the request, a fee will be charged.

In cases when a possibility of harm towards the life, body, wealth, rights and interests of the customer or a third party
In cases when there is a remarkable risk of interfering with the proper operation of our business
In cases of violating laws and regulations

12. Correction of Personal Data, etc. In cases where there is a request from the customer themselves for a correction; addition; or deletion (referred to as “correction etc.”), our company will investigate without delay and based on the results, necessary corrections would be made.

13. Suspension of the Use of Personal Data, etc. Regarding the suspension of the use of a personal data, when the customer themselves requests for a suspension or deletion of the held personal data (hereinafter referred to as “suspension of use, etc.”), our company investigates without delay and if there is a reason suspends the usage.

14. Contact Information With regards inquiries from customers regarding personal information as well as opinions, complaints, etc. , our company take customers voice seriously and will respond appropriately and promptly.

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15. Development of a System With regards system development, our company assigns an administrator of the personal information and implements the necessary measures to protect personal information. Also, we regularly conduct audit whether personal information is properly handled, and the company exerts effort to maintain and improve the protection of personal information.

16. Education of Employees and Others With regards the education of employees, our company conducts education and raises the awareness about the importance of appropriate handling of personal information for executives and employees. Necessary measures are also considered thoroughly.

17. Compliance with Laws and Regulations Our company complies with the guidelines regarding laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information. Also, we have established in-house regulations necessary for the protection of personal information. In addition to complying we also make improvements along with the ongoing changes in the social environment.

Established in April 1, 2010 Representative Director Nobuyuki Takagishi